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Top 4 Bedsheet Designs to Decorate Bedrooms

At TheWhiteRoseUSA, we celebrate the designs and colorful aspects of our lives. For bedroom decoration, as a decorator, you have a wide variety of choices available to create an elegant and appealing theme for your own home and your clients. An essential focus of a bedroom is the bed that occupies a large visual area of your room (for a standard bedroom). So it is necessary to take a moment and think about the theme of colors, designs, and patterns for your bedroom. An utmost important aspect is to create a comfortable environment that is sensational and relaxing for the occupants of the room.

In today's growing e-commerce markets, one can choose from a large variety of bedsheets. Thousands of materials, colors, and designs present difficult choices and make decision-making tough. In this article from thewhiteroseusa, we'll focus on the popular bedsheet designs and empower you with the knowledge so that you can identify your unique taste. Check our other articles on other aspects of bedsheets.

Among the millions of bedsheet designs, there are broadly four types of designs that are popular and liked by millions of households around the world. These four types are:

  1. Floral
  2. Traditional
  3. Cartoon Prints
  4. Animal Prints

Let us understand these six types a little more.

Floral: (check our all floral themed textile here)

    Floral designs are one of the most liked and sol bedsheet design. Nature has blessed us with a wide variety of colors and shapes of flowers. The artists inspired by this unique gift of nature use printing and weaving techniques to create floral bedsheet designs. Whether you are looking for lilies, lotuses, roses, sunflowers, or just leaves, at thewhiteroseusa we got a wide variety for you. Check our link for floral themed home textiles.

    Traditional: (check our traditional collection here)

    Rich history and evolution of humankind are a collection of millions of patterns and designs over time. In modern times with our knowledge and discovery of ancient culture, we have boxed some patterns to be traditional. Mandalas, a geometric presentation of various aspects of human life are the most and well known traditional patterns liked by many art loving and history enthusiasts. At TheWhiteRoseUSA retail online store, you will find a wide variety of traditional bedsheets, duvet covers, tapestries, and rugs to match your taste.

    Cartoon: (check our cartoon themed home textile collection here)

    We have filled kids world with a wide selection of educational cartoons that teach our kids life-lessons in early-childhood. Bedding sets, curtains, rugs, blankets are not left out from this wave. Kids in this world have a specialized imaginative attachment with these Pals from Disney, Nickelodeon, and other esteemed cartoon artists. At TheWhiteRoseUSA, we provide a wide variety of cartoon themed home textiles to match your child's preference at affordable prices. Every day our store help a grandma or mom or dad find and share a special gift with their beloved youngster.  

    Animal: (check our cartoon themed home textile collection here)

    Another unique gift of nature is the wildlife and home pets. Pet lovers love buying home decors, especially pillowcases that have prints of their adorable and lovable pet. Artists use Wolf and Elephants often to print on tapestries, bedsheets, and blankets. We love decorating kids' rooms with animal-themed curtains and bedsheets. Find your unique bedding matching your own or your children's taste thewhiteroseusa.com

    Well, that is all from us today. We also have seen modern prints with geometric shapes and polka dots being chosen by a segment of households. We think that is a modern trend. Do check out our modern/geometric collection


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