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Seven Secrets of Finding Authentic Online Retail Shops

In the modern internet era finding good quality, online retail shops can be a challenging task. There are so much variety available and so many businesses selling online, it is almost a daunting task to buy something online and have confidence that your transaction was a good decision. There are three options available to today’s customer to shop:

  1. Traditional in Store Shopping:

Visit your friendly neighborhood stores such as Walmart or Target and spend hours looking through limited choices they offer and spend hours waiting in the checkout line for an occasional buy like home textile.

  1. Large Online Stores:

Buy from stores like Amazon, Rakuten, Wish, Ali Express, eBay or Overstock. All these stores have large operating costs and product price is overloaded with those costs. Also, the customer service at these stores is generic and is a hit or miss. Amazon charges a monthly fee to their prime customers to get better customer service benefits. And in the technology, each of the large stores acts more like a platform for small businesses to sell their products online, hence detaching real retailers from the real customer.

  1. Online Small Business Stores:

Another option you as a customer has to buy from small stores directly. However there are tonnes of small businesses out there, it can be daunting to find quality small businesses who truly value their customers and give the best service.

Well we at The White Rose USA LLC decided to share all secrets with you so that you can find an authentic store yourself, buy with confidence and enjoy the neighborhood-style customer service from the comfort from your home.

Shopify has reinvented the retailer and customer relationship and provided a new set of tools in the hand of modern retailers. Retailers can design their own custom shops online to showcase and sell their products without incurring a hefty fee of hosting.  So we also stood up our store using the Shopify platform and tools to share our passion for designer home textiles.

We spent the last 12 months identifying factors that will help us build our brand and stand out in this crowded market of online retailers. We knew that we are up against retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, Living Spaces, Walmart, and so on.

We focused on researching what makes a small business an authentic small business and allows to compete with large stores. Our goal was to offer an exclusive choice of designer eye-catching home textiles and make sure we can stand behind our brand as a retailer/reseller and steal some market share in this multi-billion dollar home textile market.

Based on our one year experience, we share below top 5 secrets below that will allow you become a smart shopper in selecting home textile for your home as well as offer you some tips that will allow you to find authentic stores like ours in other shopping niches.

Let us say you are looking for a bedding set for your home and you do not want to spend hours in a store, do not want to pay a hefty fee to large online shopping sites, want personalized customer service and have confidence that your online shopping was secure and authentic. Use the following tips to test if our store qualifies on the tips we give below:

  1. Ensure the bedding set you are buying lists all the type of fabric material Most inexpensive duvet covers are made of blended cotton polyester or microfiber bamboo cloth. 200 thread count material is most thin and stays cool during summer. Polyester mixed fabric color does not fade however 100% cotton colors fade terribly after 10-15 washes.
  2. Make sure the size of the duvet cover, bed sheet, and a pillowcase is explicitly listed on the specifications. A common size of a twin set duvet cover is 150 cm wide and 200 cm long. If your child’s room has a queen or kind bed, make sure to research sizes. The standard size pillow is 45 cm-55 cm wide and x 65 cm - 75cm long. Measure your pillow size at home before buying
  3. Make sure the vendor offers enough days as part of the product return policy. The 30-day return policy is common in the industry. If an online shop offers a 30-day return, they are confident their product is so good that the number of returns would be minimal to nil.
  4. Look for vendors offering free shipping without inflating product prices. A good online shop will also offer free tracking of the shipped products. Amazon 3 day shipping has won those customers who want products quickly. However, customers pay an annual or monthly fee to enjoy 3-day shipping. Unless you are a frequent shopper, it is no point paying for the monthly or annual fee. Most authentic online shops will offer 15-20 days of free shipping. We at https://thewhiteroseusa.com also offer free shipping on most bedding, curtains, bedsheets, fitted sheets, cushion covers, pillowcases, tapestries and other range of home textile products.
  5. The online security of e-commerce sites is also important. Look for “lock” sign in the URL area for secured shopping sites. See secured shopping seals from companies such as SHOPIFY or PAYPAL. This will show guarantee that your online transaction is safe.
  6. Customer service is an equally important aspect of online shopping. Most authentic online businesses today have social media accounts where you can directly connect with customer service to resolve your issues within 24 hours. Also, look for customer service phone numbers advertised on site. Small businesses advertise their business with area code to keep their operational costs lower and provide personalized customer service over large retailers such as amazon.
  7. The last item that makes business more authentic is that business registers itself legally with the State, pays its taxes to the state and city. You can research with Secretary of State web site to see if the name of the business is registered with the State. A registered tax-paying business clearly states that we are legitimate, ethical and so are more likely to sell authentic products. We at THE WHITE ROSE USA LLC are a registered business and feel free to search our filing with the Secretary of State in California.

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