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What is a Duvet Cover

We have been selling duvet covers in North America for over two years and have sold over 150 duvet covers. We are surprised to find that a few of our customers are unfamiliar with the definition of the term 'duvet' and a 'duvet cover'.

We strive to become a customer-friendly home textile company. So we think it is important to help our customers clearly understand the definition of a 'duvet' and 'duvet cover'. Besides, it is also helpful to understand the benefits of buying a duvet cover over blankets and duvets.

You will find this article concise and useful to familiarize yourself with these products and be more educated when making your next buying decision.

Let us understand first: “What is a Duvet?”

A “Duvet” is a large rectangular cloth bag filled with soft materials. These soft materials vary largely in composition and provide warmth during good night sleep. One may get confused with variety and technical terms related to the filling materials. However, broadly, there are two types:

  • Natural materials such as down or feathers
  • Processed materials such as wool, silk or synthetic

We prefer wool, silk or synthetic materials for the following reasons:

  • Synthetic materials are created lightweight and softer for the human body. On the contrary, natural materials, such as down or feathers, are pokey even inside a thick cotton bag.
  • The natural materials are prone to bacterial growth in spite of cleaning and treatment.
  • Many individuals have allergies from animal products. So natural materials are more likely to be a health hazard than offering comfortable night sleep.
  • A good quality synthetic Duvet often costs between $25 - $30 as compared to the ones with natural materials.

So, while buying a duvet pay close attention to the filling, the outer cloth material and the price to make an informed decision.

Now if you understood the definition of a “Duvet”, then understanding “Duvet Cover” becomes easier. Any guesses?

So let us now understand:“What is a Duvet Cover?”

You guessed it right. A duvet cover, as the name suggests, is a “cover” for the duvet.  It is a type of printed or dyed bedding product that is made up of a large rectangular cloth bag with a closing mechanism. Typically, a duvet cover is created by sewing two sheets of cloth and attaching a zipper that is hidden. To reinforce your understanding, a duvet cover is just a cover without any kind of filling inside.

Some additional tips for you:

  • Most duvet covers are sold as part of a bedding set including pillowcases and flat bed sheets.
  • The duvet cover sets are typically labeled “Duvet Cover Bedding Set”.
  • A designer duvet cover set may cost anywhere from $35 to $200.
  • A light-weight inexpensive duvet cover is made out of 200 thread count fabric and costs $30 to $60.
  • A premium quality duvet cover is made out of 800 thread count fabric and costs $61 to  $200.

In fact in the duvet section of our website, select from a variety of designer duvet covers to suit your taste and decorate your own or your kids' rooms.

Check a few duvet covers from our collection

now you must understand: “Benefits of a Duvet Cover”

So now if you understood what is a duvet cover, it is the time to understand the benefits of a duvet cover over a blanket.

I am glad you want to understand this part. Some of us always like to ourselves with sheets, blankets or duvet covers filled with a duvet during good night sleeps. When we do so, we transfer our body smells and invisible perspiration to the bedding we use during night sleeps. Over time you may notice that your blankets or duvets may start smelling like your used clothing and you may need to wash them. Well, this statement hides the benefits of having a duvet cover. The table below compares the benefits of a blanket, a duvet, and a duvet cover.




Duvet Covers


Usually cumbersome to wash, takes longer to dry.

Filling material clusters and piles during washing. Usually unusable after wash.

Since it is just a sheet cloth, it is easy to wash. Keep them clean and fresh smelling for your kids and yourself.


Limited design capabilities created through printing or weaving. Only large or broader prints are feasible. Intricate prints are expensive..

Typically solid flat white color.

Unlimited design capabilities. Like fashion for yourself, you can buy multiple duvet covers matching home decor design.


Designs do not look brighter and crisper on blankets.

Not applicable.

Designs prints look brighter and crisper.


Blankets are usually useful during cold nights and are seasonal.

Like blankets, duvet usage is also seasonal.

A duvet cover can serve as a bedsheet during summer. Or it can also be used without a duvet filler.

Well, pat your back for spending a few minutes and understanding the meaning of duvet cover.

by thewhiteroseusa team.

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