Our items arrive in 30-45 days during holidays

Shipping and Tracking

Q. How long it will take for my order to reach my doorstep?

A. All our orders ship within 72 hours. Transit time varies and can take up to 2 weeks.

Q. Why does it take 15-20 business days for my order to fulfill?

A. In online retail business, major costs are :

cost of product + transportation costs + warehousing + unsold inventory + business operation costs + margin

We are able to find high quality manufacturers and exporters who directly ship the product to customers. This eliminates transportation costs + warehousing + unsold inventory costs for us. We pass on this benefit to you through reduced shipping and lower selling price of the product. 

Now since the product is shipped by manufacturers outside US, it is common for the product to take up to 20 business days. Hence the delay.

Q. How can I track my shipment ?

A. When your product ships, a tracking number is assigned within the 2-3 business days of your order submission. And this tracking is also emailed to you right away. We use www.aftership.com for tracking. Please use "track order" from main menu and enter tracking ID mailed to you or directly track using the link. Make sure that link is https://thewhiteroseusa.aftership.com/{tracking number}?

If for any reason tracking number does not get assigned or have issues with your order, just email us at cs mail We'll do everything to expedite your order. In case we fail to help, we shall issue a refund for your order 100% including all shipping costs.

Q. What are the shipping costs for the products ?

We offer flat 3 shipping tiers for all our products everyday for United Staes. Flay $25 shipping for all other countries.

$0.00 to $75.00           FREE Shipping

$75.01 to $150.00         Flat Fee=$10.00

$150.01 and above        Calculated at Checkout.