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A sketch of a duvet cover created by thewhiteroseusa.com

What is a Duvet Cover

The blog from the White Rose USA  team describes the bedding products related to a duvet cover. The bog also compares the benefits of a duvet cover and a blanket.
Wanna be a curtain buying expert for your home?

Wanna be a curtain buying expert for your home?

Wonder if you are buying the right curtain or not? Well this blog from our experts at The White Rose USA LLC will educate you about a few basic ideas about buying curtains. Within a few minutes, this article will turn you into an informed curtain buyer. Go ahead and leave a comment below or some feedback.
Image showing package boxes of Langsdom T7 TWS and Hevaral i9s TWS.

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Learn About thewhiteroseusa

Who are we?

At thewhiteroseusa.com we bring you a wide variety of styles in home textiles that are elegant, colorful and high quality. We strive to identify these textiles using their specifications such as thread counts, weave density, gsm weight etc. You will find our elegant styles in bed sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, window and door curtains, shower curtains, picnic mats, round mandala mats, yoga tapestries, rugs and bath towels. All items under $75 are shipped freely in North America and backed by our 30 day return policy.

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We provide bedding sets that bring magical memories. For example, a Disney character themed bedding set reminds you of your childhood favorites. As kids we loved Disney cartoons and now that we are adults, we cherish those magical memories. Note that we are not affiliated with Disney. We source the products from authorized distributors.

How to select a best home textile?

Now an important piece of advise. How do you select a good textile product for you home. Well we have compiled a little information for you to glance over.

The most important part of any textile product is the fabric itself. Today’s bed sheets are manufactured from many types of fabrics : Cotton, Flannel, Wool, Bamboo, Polyester and many many types of blended fabrics using one of those materials.

It is not surprising that cotton is still the most commonly used fabric and ideal for comfort sleeping. However choosing just “cotton” material is not good enough. You need to look beyond the materials. The weave density of the materials is very important when selecting a fabric. Commonly referred as “thread count”, the thread Weave density delides the ability of a fabric to be breathable and cool.

In past decade Polyester has proven to be cheaper and provides extra softness and smoothness compared to cotton. A typical 200 thread count twill style woven polyester fabric provides enough comfort while being light on your pocket. The prints and dyes on polyester last longer and seldom fade away after washing. Due to its durability and little exchange for comfort, printed polyester sheets as well as its blends with cotton have become extremely popular in past 20 years.

What fabric is used in the products we sell?

All our products clearly identify thread counts and weave patterns. We typically serve economic markets and therefore most of our products are twill woven 200 thread count polyester blends or 100 % polyester.

Well that is it. If you would love to buy something today, we appreciate you for your business. If you would wait and shop around, do bookmark us or like our FaceBook Page. It will allow you to find us back quickly. Note our nick name is thewhiteroseusa. Just google us and you will find our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter Pages. Social media is the best way to stay in touch with us.
- thewhiteroseusa team.

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